Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yet another iPad giveaway - a chance to win 1 of 4 iPads!

USell’s iPad2 Sweepstakes ~ 10/2/11

Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:00 AM (ET) on September 5, 2011 and ends at 11:59:59 PM (ET) on October 2, 2011.

Open only to individual legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older and have reached the age of majority as of the date of entry.

Website entry -

Facebook entry -

Limit: One Entry per person.

Four (4) Grand Prizes: New Apple iPad2 with 32GB. Approximate retail value $599.00.
The approximate retail value of the TOTAL Prize Package is $2,396.00 USD.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another new iPad contest......

Here is another contest to enter if you are interested in winning an iPad!

Official rules []

Open to all in the US, one entry per person/email address per day. Ends November 8, 2011 @ 3:59am ET

Prize: (2 winners) Apple iPad (ARV $500)

Again, thanks to slickdeals1

Friday, September 9, 2011

Stop spending money to get money!

We won’t ask you to spend money during tough times. You earn by sharing your opinion. So what is stopping you from joining the Ipsos i-Say panel? That is the motto at Ipsos - and a great one considering how I am looking to make money, not spend money! Give them a shot, they have been around a long time and are well respected!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't miss out on these freebies ever again?

Ever kicked yourself for missing out on a freebie? Finding a great one just to realize you didn't get to it in time? Well no more! I was lucky enough to find this newsletter that lets me know of the newest freebies as soon as they are available. It's great, especially when it is a freebie that is only available to the first 1000 people or has a one day only life span. So sign up here to make sure you aren't missing out!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tired of unreachable minimum payouts?

We all love the sign up and get paid websites - but it seems more and more of them are requiring you to get $20, $30 even $50 before you can request a payout. Well now you can earn money for signing up for special offers and promotions with NO minimum payout limit! That's right, no minimum payout. Make some cash, it gets paid out. When you want! Take a look, you've got nothing to lose!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wanna win an iPod Touch?’s iPod Touch Giveaway Sweepstakes ~ 10/14/11 (Facebook)
Sweepstakes starts September 3, 2011 at 10:00:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) and ends October 14, 2011 at 10:00:00 AM ET.

Offered and open only to persons legally residing in one of the 50 (fifty) United States or the District of Columbia, who are at least thirteen (13) years of age or the age of majority in their state of residence on the date of entry in this Sweepstakes.

“Like” Swap on Facebook, enter through the Giveaways tab -

One entry per person.

A random drawing to select one (1) Prize Winner will be conducted on October 14, 2011. The Administrator will notify potential winners by email at the email address provided with entry.

Grand Prize: One (1) 4th generation iPod Touch

As long as you are looking for freebies.....

Not sure if you are into Coke Rewards Points but if you are you should check out this site: 50 Free Coke Points

It will show you a way to get 50 free coke points as well as lots of other points!

Looking for free magazines???

Why pay for magazines when you can get them for free? Magazines will give out free subscriptions to boost their subscriber numbers. This will allow them to charge more to advertisers since advertisers will pay more when they can reach more people. So stop paying for magazines and get them free here!

New iPad 2 Contest - Enter to Win!

Superior Vision Services iPad 2 Sweepstakes ~ 10/1/11 (Facebook)
Sweepstakes begins on September 6, 2011 at 12:00:01 a.m. PT, and ends on October 1, 2011 at 11:59:59 p.m. PT.

Only legal residents of the fifty (50) United States plus D.C., 18 years of age or older, may enter.

"Like" the Superior Vision Services Facebook page, enter through the iPad Contest tab -

Limit one (1) entry per person, per e-mail address and per registered Facebook account.

Prize: One (1) Apple® iPad2 tablet computer. Approximate retail value $499.

Official rules []

Thanks to slickdeals for this info!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Free eBook - Learn how to To Slash Your Grocery Bills!

Want to save up some money to buy that iPod or iPad? Can't seem to get one for free? Well this new free eBook will show you how! Everyone buys groceries - but not everyone has to pay full price! This eBook is completely free and will show you what I already to save money at the grocery store. In the past 3 months I have saved over $200, and I don't spend that much on groceries to begin with. Imagine how much you could save if you just knew how. Why not check it out, it doesn't cost you a penny, but can save you plenty!

Ok you really need to check this out!

I mentioned this previously, but this is a great site to get all kinds of free stuff on. By signing up through me, you will get hundreds of additional credits. Credits you can use to get free gift cards, free jewelry, free iPods, free iPads, free movie tickets, you name it. Think of it as ebay but everything is free. You get credits multiple ways, you can link your account to facebook or twitter, you can refer people, you can complete offers, etc. It's super easy to get credits and even easier to bid on freebies! I have used my credits to get Slurpee rewards (cheap) and turned them into free Redbox rentals, gotten free magazine subscriptions, free movie downloads, etc. So check it out!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Click here to visit

Friday, May 13, 2011

Another new way to get freebie stuff!

Here is a site that allows you to bid on freebie stuff with freebie credits. You get 10,000 points just for signing up and can get 1000s more for watching 30 second commercials, or email submits or referring friends and family. They have auctions for items like Laser Pointers, LED flashlights, Foot Locker gift cards, eBay gift cards, etc. Super easy to get points and everything is totally free - no shipping, no tax, no money at all! So sign up and start getting your free stuff!!!!

Sign up here!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My new favorite site.......

Before you read any further....go check this out! This is a site where everything is is auctioned for points... Sign up here through my link and you will have 350 points to start...normally it is just 50! You earn points by listing somthing of yours for auction or referring people or linking to your twitter account. Easy to earn points, easier to bid and win on stuff...they have Amazon Gift Cards, Kindles, iPods, all kinds of stuff. And best of all you don't have to spent a penny. I have won 15 auctions already and love it! Check it out!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Free iPod Touch at Bank of the West

Just so everyone knows, Bank of the West is offering free iPod touchs if you open a free checking account and get direct deposit OR make 10 billpay payments OR use the debit card 20 times by October 31st. I opened an account and am just waiting on my iPod touch. You can even open it online....

Link to the free ipods.....

Well, the site where the free ipods where coming from initially has completely shut down, and the secondary site is sketchy at best. They are still giving away ipods, but the points ratio has been changed so it is almost impossible to earn enough to buy one, you just have to hope you can redeem for one during the once a month, no warning redemption. The site is Lockerz.....worth checking out, I have gotten an XBox 360 game, a big keg cooler, a Dakine backpack and some other stuff from them....but I won't be signing in and participating there anymore. If you want to find out more about it.... it is Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow, where has the time gone?

Sorry for the delay in postings, however, I have now moved to a new state, started a new job and am ready to start getting my free ipods again. It was a great source of income and so easy. I will fill you in on a new method in the next post....stay tuned.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

If you can't get a free iPod, earn the money to buy one by visiting this site....

Check out this website if you would like to learn how to earn extra cash just by clicking on links. No surveys, no trials, no purchase necessary, no email submits....simply click on the links and get paid. There is tons of info here and if you are already sitting at the computer, why not make a little extra cash (some sites pay by Paypal or Amazon GC or iTunes GC or Walmart GC, all different kinds of ways.) So check it out....

Finally received my iTunes gift cards!!!

Well I finally received my iTunes gift cards that I ordered on October 2nd! I got two of them, a $50 card and a $25 dollar card. I guess the old saying "Better late than never" applies here, but man it took a long time. There are still many people I know waiting on theirs and no one has yet to receive an actual iPod in quite some time. Hopefully though, the shipping of gift cards is a sign of good things to come and they will honor all the redemptions. Let me know if you have gotten anything recently and I will report it here. Thanks.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Win a FREE 7" LCD Portable TV -

All you have to do is enter your email address here. No surveys, no trials, no sign-ups - just simply give them your email so they can contact you if you win. The drawing is at the end of the month, so hurry and sign up! HURRY!

iPodsweepstakes Warning........please read

Apparently iPodsweepstakes has decided to stop responding to emails, voicemails and are no longer shipping out prizes. I redeemed for $75 worth of iTunes gift cards on Oct 2, 2009 and they have not arrived. I am not the only one that hasn't received their prize either. I can no longer recommend this website so PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP FOR THEIR SITE. If something changes I will post it here, but in the meantime, steer clear. It was great while it lasted, but apparently all good things must come to an end.

Be sure to check out my other site at!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Regarding the new site to get iPods as listed below....

As I noted in the post below, there is a new website that you can get free iPods (shuffles, nanos and touchs) just by logging in and answering one simple question about yourself each day. Well, I have enough iPods but the site offers plenty of other prizes. To make sure they were legit I ordered a PSP Rock Band Bundle from them. I received it in less than 10 days! Here is a small list of what they have to choose from:

Samsung 40" LCD HDTV
Macbook Air
Macbook Pro
3 different Netbooks
Xbox 360
Apple TV
Canon Cybershots
Rockband for Wii/PS3/Xbox 360
Nintendo DSI
Portable DVD Player
Wii Fit
iTune gift cards
Skull Candy headphones
Flip video camera
Karaoke machine
and the list goes on and on and on.....

So, if you would like in on this, just shoot me an email at and put "Send me an invite" in the subject line.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New web site to earn iPods -

Hey guys there is a new website at which you can earn free iPods - all the different kinds as well as Apple TVs and Mac Airbooks. (They also have video games for every system, iPhone skins, paintball guns, all kinds of stuff!) If you are interested shoot me an email ( with the subject line "send me an invite" in it and I will happily send you an email with a free invite and all the instructions. Unlike iPodsweepstakes, there are no surveys or quizzes to fill out, no trial offers to sign up for and you get points just for going to the site daily. Super easy and legit, I have already received a PSP Rock Band Bundle from them!! Drop me a line @

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow, where has the time gone?

So work has been super crazy and I know I haven't updated this blog in way too long, sorry about that. Just wanted to check in and let you know that even though I haven't had much time to concentrate on IpodSweepstakes, I did just redeem for another $75 worth of iTunes gift cards. I didn't get the shipping email today so I assume they will be shipped out next week. I'll be sure to post a photo of them when they get here. They are great for buying apps for my iPhone (which I also got free from IpodSweepstakes!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I broke down and got the iTunes Gift Cards!

My patience ran thin and I ended up ordering the iTunes gift cards. I always kick myself afterwards because it is a little daunting to have to start over, but there were some new iPhone apps I wanted to buy and didn't want to have to pay for them. I've told you before that ipodsweepstakes ships quick and here's the proof. I've already got them in my hand.

Friday, January 30, 2009

982 Points!

After taking a week off due to illnesses in the family, I got back into the swing of things and am now at 982. Only 18 points away from a $75 iTunes gift card! Decisions, decisions. It gets harder and harder to NOT cash out as you get more points. Especially now that I am only 1/4 of the way to the iPod touch. Perseverance is the key though, I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I just crossed the 800 mark - enough for a free Shuffle!

BUT....I think I will keep going and see how many more points I can get, an iPod touch sure would be nice!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

799 points! Only need 1 more!

I am currently up to 799 points, only one more to go for the shuffle. The question is, do I settle for the shuffle or keep working my up to a Nano, or iTouch or iPhone? Decisions, decisions. Well for now iPodsweepstakes is keeping me from having to make that decision. Keep checking back and I will let you know what I decide.

PS - If you are spending some time on the site and happen to see an ad over to the right that catches your eye or interests you, please don't hesitate to click it. The goal of the ad is to connect you to something of interest while at the same time provide some small support to me for the upkeep of the blog. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sure Fire Points!

I wanted to let everyone know about the Quiz Rocket ads. These ads are usually worth 5 points and are often overlooked. But they DO CREDIT! If you use the tools mentioned in earlier posts, these only take 30 seconds each to complete. Use roboform to complete the sign up information and then do the survey. A little trick with roboform that may be useful: when you get the the neverending page of Yes or No sign ups, if you hit the alt key and the + key at the same time, it will automatically check no for you on the whole page. It is much easier than trying to click the little no buttons over and over again. So do all the Quiz Rocket ads on your home page(make sure to clear your cookies in between ads) and then go check your email and do all those Quiz Rocket ads too! It's a quick and easy way to get over 100 points!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another quick tip.....

Sometimes, when you click on an offer it takes you to something completely different than what is advertised. Don't close it out, you can still complete the offer and usually get credited for whatever the original ad was worth. As an example, there is an ad on most homepages for Hooked on Phonics which is worth 108 points. Normally this offer requires a purchase to get credited so many points. If you click on it though, it takes you to a FreeLotto page. All you have to do is sign up and confirm your email and you will get credited for the 108 points, usually the same day! A quick way to grow your points right from the start!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ipodsweepstakes Shipping Schedule

I don't work for Ipodsweepstakes, but I have been involved as a member with them for long enough to know that they ship out rewards every two weeks consistently. It seems to be towards the end of the week, around Thursday. That means once you have earned your reward, you don't have to wait months for it to come. I have cashed out for an iPhone on a Tuesday evening and had a shipping notification on a Thursday morning. Talk about turnaround! So once you cash out, keep watching your email for your tracking number, it will be there before you know it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tip of the day-----

Between offers it is always helpful to clear your cookies. Many of these ads are sponsored by the same company and after clicking on one of the ads, they retain your information. If you don't clear your cookies before clicking on another ad, it will appear as though you have already done that ad to the sponsor since they have your info on file. A great tool to use (thorough and easy) is CCleaner. After the initial setup (in which you tell it which cookies to keep or delete), you only have to click on one button and it clears all your cookies. This will make a huge difference in whether or not your ad credits for you. You can go here to CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Did I forget to mention.....

Ipodsweepstakes starts you out with 200 free points when you sign up! That means you are already 1/4 of the way towards a free iPod shuffle just by signing up!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't overlook the emails!!!

The emails that ipodsweepstakes send out should not be overlooked! They are a great source of points and in my experience, I have found that they actually tend to credit quicker and more often than the personal page ads. On a typical day you will get anywhere between 1-4 of these emails, each containing points ranging from 30-400. I usually go through and do all the offers that appeal to me once a week and then move the emails into a separate folder so I don't repeat them. The majority of my points come from the emails I get. Be sure to do them religously and you will have your free iPod or iPhone in no time!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A quick and easy tool to save you lots of time

One of the things that discouraged me at the beginning was the amount of time it took to fill out the surveys and the questionnaires. After searching some forums and googling different things I stumbled upon Roboform. You create a profile once and then it fills in all your information with one quick and easy click. You can download it for free here. If you really get into it, I suggest buying the Pro model. It gives you quite a few more features and unlimited profiles.

This wouldn't be much of a tutorial without some instructions. So here you go:

The site is called ipodsweepstakes. In order to earn an iPod, iPhone or iTunes gift card you must complete offers. These are not the ridiculously long offers that you see on a lot of freebie sites, nor do they require referrals to complete them as well. These are quick, short offers involving sometimes no more than entering an email address and clicking on the submit button. Others require you to fill out a survey and some are fairly lengthy. The amount of points you receive is dependent upon the amount of work involved to complete the offer. All the rewards can be earned completely free. There are offers that require a purchase or a paid trial, and they provide the highest point values. But there are more than enough free offers to get your iPod or iPhone!

Ok so how do you do it:

The first step is to create a new email address. You can do that through,, - whatever you are comfortable with. I prefer because it is so easy to use, and I can get the email through my iPhone, which I can't with hotmail. The reason for a new email account is that the email address you sign up with will receive spam. Not from the site that you are earning the iPod or iPhone on, but from the sponsors that you complete little surveys for or request info from.

The second step is to sign up. You can do that here - Sign up here for free. You will not have to give any other info other than your email address. If you wish to fill out the shipping info up front, feel free to, they do not sell or rent your information to anyone for any reason. They will send you a confirmation email and then will send you daily emails with offers to earn points inside. The only other time you will get emails from them is to notify you that you have earned points and to let you know if you win their daily drawing for a free iPod shuffle.

Third - complete offers!!! Each offer is different and clicking on the ad on your personal page (the home page after you sign in) will open a new window. Make sure you have your pop-up blocker turned off or set to allow pop-ups from this site. There are different requirements for different types of offers. If the add says submit your email, that is all you have to do. If it says fill out the survey, then fill out the survey. Not only can you do the offers on your personal page, but ipodsweepstakes will email you offers daily. These are a great source of points as well.

Fourth - Sit back and wait for the points to roll in! The majority of offers do not credit instantly. Some take 30 minutes, some take 3 days. The majority of them will credit the next business day. Currently the redemption levels are as follows:

Earn 800 Pod Points to get a free 1GB iPod Shuffle
Earn 1000 Pod Points to get a free $75 iTunes Gift Card!
Earn 1500 Pod Points to get a free 2GB iPod Shuffle!
Earn 2000 Pod Points to get a free iPod Nano!
Earn 3000 Pod Points to get a free iPod Classic or 8GB iPhone!
Earn 4000 Pod Points to get a free iPod Touch!

Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem for the prize of your choice. You simply tell them where you want it sent to and they will send you a confirmation email within a couple of minutes. Then, once the prize ships, they send you another email with the UPS tracking number. They ship on a biweekly schedule, meaning you don't have to wait months to get your prize. I have received prizes within 4 days of redeeming for them - not a bad turnaround for a freebie.

So that is the beginner's guide to free iPods/iPhones/iTunes gift cards. Good luck and remember patience is a virtue!

PS ~

Just in case you were wondering about proof here are the last few things I have gotten from them:

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your package tracking number is: sent via regular mail

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: 1Z3306W0039238XXXX
iPod Video (white)

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: 1Z3306W0039447XXXX
iPod Nano

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: 1Z3306W0039938XXXX
iPod Classic (silver)

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: sent via regular mail $75
iTunes Gift Card

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: 1Z3306W0039526XXXX
iPod Shuffle (purple)

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: 1Z3306W0039324XXXX
iPod Shuffle (green)

The reward you recently earned from iPodSweepstakes has been shipped. Your UPS package tracking number is: 1Z3306W0039446XXXX
iPod Shuffle (silver)

Welcome to my Blog!

I have started this blog to help my brother-in-law Geoff Outlaw learn about a way to earn free iPods (shuffles, nano, classics and touchs) as well as iPhones and iTunes gift cards. Thanks for stopping by and please bookmark this page as I will be updating it frequently with tips and advice!